Life Insurance In Sandy, UT

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We spend much of our lives taking care of our loved ones, and we feel peace knowing they have what they need. Life insurance is how we are able to continue to support those we love no matter what the future may bring. At Lewis Insurance Agency, in Sandy, Utah, we work closely with you to find a policy that meets the needs of you and your family.


Why Do I Need Life Insurance?


Whether you are married, have kids, or are single, life insurance can offer financial security in the event of your passing. People who are married and are the primary source of the household income should consider a life insurance policy that fills the financial gap. When you have children, life insurance can be issued in the form of savings for education and other related expenses.


Many single people do not feel the need to purchase life insurance if they do not have any direct dependants. However, if you provide assistance to your parents or want to insure they are able to afford elder care, a life insurance policy could provide that security. If you support a charity and would like to continue to do so after death, it is possible to leave your life insurance to the charity of your choice.


How Do I Know I’m Getting The Best Coverage?


Sandy, Utah’s Lewis Insurance Agency represents several life insurance companies, and we thoroughly review each company’s policy. When our clients come to us for life insurance, we get to know them to determine their unique needs. Then we compare the prices and coverage and policies offered by at least a dozen companies. We will review the details of each policy that suits the client’s needs and assist in choosing the best fit.


I’m A Business Owner – What Can Life Insurance Do For Me?


If you own a small business, chances are you have a partner or employees who count on you to keep the doors open. Business owners with families are often the primary provider financially for their family. In the event of your passing, it is important to have a plan for what happens to both the business and your family’s livelihood. If you have one or more partners in your business, your life insurance policy can essentially fund a buyout of your part of the company. The money from that buyout could then be left to your family to ease the financial burden of your loss.